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The PMB-1 net weigher is an introductory model that is customized to meet your packaging demands. You will receive a scale system to best handle your products providing the optimum speed and accuracy.

If you want to integrate the PMB-1 to a bagger or conveyor, no problem. The PMB-1 can be designed to interface with the bagger of your choice or a Weigh Right conveyor.

Weights & Rates
28g - 227g 15 cpm
227g - 907g 10 cpm
907g - 1.4kg 8 cpm
1.4kg - 2.3kg 8 cpm
2.3kg - 4.5kg 3 cpm
* Rates are estimated. Final results determined by product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send samples for free testing and results.

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